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An average pedicure session takes one hour, but maintaining the beauty that comes after the session can take anywhere between one minute to three weeks depending on your own efforts. And since every woman wants to be beautiful all the time, read the article below to learn how you can best preserve nails to stay as adorable and crisp as possible.

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Basically, a good nail salon is likely to clean your feet, wax them if you wish, exfoliate the hard skin layers, file the nails, and probably apply extra makeup on your toes as you recommend. The services provided vary, but it all depends on what you as a customer want. But after the pedicure session, there are things that you must do to protect the feet and makeup as well. For instance, wearing open shoes after the session is a nice way to allow the polish to dry; otherwise, the makeup might melt and make your feet messy.

Secondly, avoid sports or any form of exercise that may affect your nail makeup as much as possible. Even a little jogging or doing a few pushups could greatly affect the appearance of your newly applied makeup. And so, only focus on things that enhance the looks of your feet such as moisturizing or applying cuticle oil. Drying your feet properly between the toes, cleaning the feet with a pumice stone, and cutting the nails evenly are other little things that could help boost the appearance and durability of your makeup while on your nails.

According to most pedicure experts, makeup should only stay on your legs for a maximum period of three weeks. After that, use a good acetone nail polish remover to clean them appropriately. Maintaining your beauty is in any case, not an easy task, it requires sacrifice and great commitment to achieve it. Also, note that it is important to treat all feet conditions before visiting any nail salon. It is not only healthy for your sake but for other people as well.
Doing a paraffin treatment with your pedicure expert is another way to ensure that your skin remains soft and sassy for a long period of time. Most experts recommend this service be done after winter or after the summer so that your skin can remain as soft as possible without being affected by cold or too much sun at these seasons of the year.

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